Earlier this week we highlighted impressive growth for Nintendo's share value, as it surpassed the brief Pokémon GO peak of last Summer and hit its highest point in a number of years. You may have also noticed that Monster Hunter XX (Double Cross) has been confirmed for the Nintendo Switch with further details to come this weekend; that's the most recent iteration of the game on 3DS which hasn't yet made it to the West.

When you combine Monster Hunter and portable hardware from Nintendo the results are tasty profits, so news of even a re-release for Switch in Japan seemed to help propel Nintendo's share value further in today's trading, closing up a whopping 5.48% on 33,510 Yen.

A good day for Nintendo on the Tokyo stock market
A good day for Nintendo on the Tokyo stock market (Image: Bloomberg)

It's an interesting development, especially as Monster Hunter 5 is a relatively hot topic right now - there have been some suggestions that the Capcom / Nintendo relationship with the IP will extend to the next 'main' entry, but there are apparently some rumours (not really solid enough to report) that Sony also wants in on the action. Considering the success of the series on 3DS and the portable-centric fans Monster Hunter has in Japan, we think the odds are good on the next 'main' entry also coming to Switch.

Time will tell, and we'll also keep an eye out for localisation news of XX for the West. Its predecessor Monster Hunter X (Cross) did come to the West as Monster Hunter Generations, so perhaps a Generations X name would work for PAL and North American territories.

In any case, it's the latest notable boost to confidence in Nintendo's current prospects. The company's share value has been generally on the rise since the Switch arrived; the buzz around the system has been significant, and Nintendo has been battling to keep up with demand. Nintendo will also use E3 to further highlight the games that'll push the system forward over the rest of 2017.

Exciting times for Nintendo fans, we'd suggest.

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