As part of its promotion for the 'Guardians Rising' Trading Card Game expansion, The Pokémon Company has started rolling out Lycanroc for Pokémon Sun and Moon on 3DS. You'll have to head along to stores to get it, though.

In terms of abilities it's level 50 with the ability 'No Guard' and a Held Item of a Life Orb; its moves are Stone Edge, Fire Fang, Sucker Punch and Swords Dance.

Below are stores and dates for some countries, as it's one of those serial code deals.

  • United States - GameStop from 15th May to 5th June
  • UK - GAME from 5th May to 31st May
  • Belgium - Game Mania, FNAC, Cora and Smartoys
  • Spain - GAME from 5th May
  • Italy - GameStop from 5th May
  • Germany - GameStop from 5th May

Are you planning to collect this one for your copy of Pokémon Sun and/or Moon?