The eShop is now onto a new generation of hardware with the Nintendo Switch, and as a little extra bit of goodness to accompany our reviews of the most intriguing releases our video man Alex is kicking off a new series. It's Nintendo Life eShop Selects, and assuming Nintendo doesn't complain that we've used the work 'Selects' (like the budget retail range) it'll be a monthly feature in which we pinpoint the finest games to have arrived on the store. It's not just based on review scores, but also on broader criteria related to the experiences on offer.

We're kicking off with our May issue (games that fall after publication in each month will be in consideration for the next batch) that offers up three games that we definitely recommend; we've made a fancy stamp and everything. We also thrown in some honourable mentions, but they suffer the cruel blow of not getting a stamp.

It wasn't hard to pick out three 'Selects' winners this month; you can see the video below for the results, or if you can't / don't want to watch that right now they're also listed underneath.

Honourable Mentions:

The Nintendo Life eShop Selects WINNERS - May 2017

So there you have it, three games we positively recommend that you own on the Switch eShop, along with a few others to consider.