As Nintendo is so fond of telling us, the 3DS isn't dead yet. There are a host of new games coming to the best-selling handheld this year, one of which is Culdcept Revolt, a turn-based strategy title which plays like your typical board game, complete with dice throws and special tiles to land on.

Given that Culdcept Revolt is a relatively niche release, publisher NIS America has wisely created a page on the official site which explains the various rules in great detail

Culdcept Revolt is the latest in a series which started life on the Sega Saturn way back in 1997; the original game never saw release outside of Japan. It was later ported to the Nintendo DS under the inventive title Culdcept DS.

Culdcept Revolt arrives in North America on August 29th. You can pre-order the limited edition bundle on Amazon now, which comes packed with goodies.


Is this game on your radar, and will you be placing a pre-order to make sure you get your copy later in the year? Share your thoughts by posting a comment below.

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