The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild may be light on dungeons, but it makes up for that with loads of shrines, the vast majority of which contain a puzzle which must be solved before they can be considered complete.

Some of these puzzles are actually quite tricky, but like so much of the game, they can be overcome by "exploiting" the stunning versatility of the game's engine.

Speedrunner Adrylek is arguably the go-to expert on this form of "Shrine Skipping". As reported by Kotaku, Adrylek has racked up more than 40 different videos showing how many of the game's shrines can be defeated in totally unexpected ways, such as using bombs to access high platforms, combining various rune effects with "shield jumps" and much more besides.

Adrylek admits that many hours have been spent finding these time-saving exploits, and that many of them require fast reflexes, perfect positioning and impeccable timing; the speed runner believes that many of the game's shrines can be beaten in such a fashion, but goodness knows how long it will take fans to find every single trick. In the meantime, check out the full playlist and prepare to be amazed.