The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is packed with secrets to find, many of which are hidden away off the beaten track, encouraging players to explore in order to locate them. However, one treasure chest has remained off-limits for even the most dedicated Zelda player.

Located in the middle of a little inlet between Aris Beach and Clarnet Coast in the south-east section of Hyrule, this chest is simply not accessible - on the Switch and Wii U, at least.

Using PC-based emulator CEMU 1.7.3d, Leonardo Ramallo was able to break the game and walk under the waves to open this elusive chest. What was inside, you ask? Could it be a super-weapon that isn't obtainable anywhere else in the game? Perhaps a precious item with incredible resell value? We'll let you find out for yourselves by watching the video above.