Zelda Chess Pieces.jpg

Popular board game manufacturer USAopoly has once again gone above and beyond showing its love for The Legend of Zelda series with a beautiful custom chess set.

Taking its main inspiration from Ocarina of Time, the pieces all resemble the main characters - with Link as King for the heroes and Ganondorf as the Dark King for the villains. You then have Zelda as Queen against Twinrova on the opposite side and more fan favorites like Epona, Impa and Darunia as Knights, Bishop and Rooks respectively.

The description for the set reads as follows:

The Legend of Zelda Chess set features prominent hero and villain characters from The Ocarina of Time and pits them against each other in a battle of wits and good vs. evil!

You may also remember that USAopoly previously created a custom monopoly board in the style of Zelda. Currently the set is only for sale only in the United States and Canada, with no evident current plans for a worldwide release. There is always the option to import, or players elsewhere can keep an eye out for a release down the line.

[source usaopoly.com]