Not so long ago we reported that Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada was "surprised" by the Nintendo Switch, a possible indication that he and his team had been frozen out of pre-release access to the new machine.

With Tekken 7 arriving on PS4, Xbox One and PC this June, Gamespot has caught up with Harada and popped the question again - with equally disappointing results. Not only is the Tekken boss too busy working on the other versions to study Nintendo's hardware to determine if a port is possible, he's not even been able to get his hands on one thanks to the incredible demand at retail:

Officially, we can't really comment on that because our company has strict policy about which titles we talk about for Switch, but personally, we've been so busy with trying to master up Tekken for the current platforms that we haven't really had enough time to study the hardware. We couldn't even buy it - it was sold out every time we went to look for it.

Presumably Harada has access to Switch development units within Bandai Namco, but it's a shame that he's not been able to purchase one of his own. It would seem that he's too focused on getting Tekken 7 ready for its big launch to even contemplate adding another format to the roster. Whether or not we'll see a Switch version in the future remains to be seen; Tekken was in the launch lineup for the Wii U and Harada and his team assisted with the production of Pokkén Tournament, so one would hope that a healthy working relationship still exists between them and Nintendo.

Would you like to see Tekken 7 come to the Switch, or do you think it's simply not the kind of game that Nintendo fans will buy? Let us know by posting a comment.

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