Silicon Studio has revealed that its post processing effects middleware graphics package YEBIS now supports the Nintendo Switch. YEBIS - now up to version 3 - allows developers to add glare, depth of field, motion blur and anti-aliasing effects to their games, amongst other things.

YEBIS has been used on other consoles to create titles such as Dark Souls III, Assetto Corsa, Black Desert Online, MotoGP15 and Dragon Ball Xenoverse. It already supports PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Windows, Android, iOS, Linux, OS X and "Other Embedded Devices".

Bringing support to the Switch obviously doesn't automatically mean that games which use YEBIS will be headed to Nintendo's console, but it does mean that developers now have even more options when it comes to ports, as well as adding cool visual effects to exclusive Switch software.