The unofficial SNES/Super Famicom a visual compendium

We are big fans of Bitmap Books' previous Visual Compendiums, so it is exciting to see that the next Kickstarter campaign is dedicated to everyone's favourite 16-bit machine of wonders, the almighty and all-conquering Super Nintendo.

While in Europe Sega put up an impressive fight with the equally brilliant Mega Drive, in Japan and the United States quality software ensured that Nintendo's machine stood well above the competition, with over 49 million units sold worldwide. That and a lot more will be covered in the upcoming visual compendium, with a Kickstarter campaign now live.

Despite only recently going live the project has already been funded with over 1000 backers at the time of writing; hopefully Bitmap Books and Nintendo have also taken precautions to avoid repeating the previous NES/Famicom Visual Compendium legal bump on the road. If you just can't wait to have some delightful SNES content on paper, why not try The Super Famicom Box Art Collection - previously published by Bitmap Books - to tide you over until this one gets released.

How excited are you for this book? You have stopped reading this and are hooking up your old Super Nintendo already, aren't you? Give your thoughts in the comments below.

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