The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is enormous, and one of the joys of the release is the Nintendo community collaborating and sharing discoveries online. One that's been shared with us relates to former Nintendo President Satoru Iwata, and what could be a subtle but touching tribute in the game.

Sean Buckley got in touch with us and share the latest video from his Seaniccus channel; he delves into the appearance of an NPC called Botrick, which has a passing resemblance to Iwata-san and is a particularly serene and generous trader in the game. When speaking to the character he directs you to Satori Mountain and talks of a Lord of the Mountain. The site itself is a beautiful spot, and the dialogue and setting certainly suggest a rather lovely light-touch tribute.

We certainly think this could be a tribute, and it would be typical of Nintendo to go for subtlety in this manner. Ultimately, it's worth taking a moment to remember Iwata-san while playing the Switch and indeed Breath of the Wild, as his influence can be found in each.