Monster Hunter XX launches on the 3DS in Japan this month, and Capcom has just released details on a Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild collaboration in the game itself.

The Zelda crossover will run between April 24th and May 31st and will give players the chance to participate in three event quests at 7-Eleven hotspots, entitled The Legend of Zelda: Test of Power, The Legend of Zelda: Test of Courage and The Legend of Zelda: Test of Wisdom. Successfully clearing these quests will give players the materials used to craft the Ancient Bow, Hylia armour, Korok Branch and Korok Palico armour.

During the event, players will also be able to get a Breath of the Wild-themed Guild Card background, as well as special titles. New Palico will also be available from the 7-Eleven hotspots, but they won't be Zelda-themed.

In addition to all this news, Capcom has also released a launch trailer for the game:

Ace Attorney, Okami and Strider collaborations are also planned for Monster Hunter XX, and Japanese recording artist Daigo will be getting in-game content as well. The game arrives at retail on March 18th.

That's certainly a lot of info to digest - what do you make of all this crossover content, and do you think we'll be lucky enough to get this updated version in the west? Share your thoughts with a comment below.