The comparison of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on Wii U and Nintendo Switch has been rather interesting. We had our initial say (with a more detailed / final write-up coming later this week, not today as initially promised) and our colleagues at Digital Foundry have been putting their benchmarking tools to work in order to assess the two iterations on a technical level.

In a previous video differences in resolution and other more minor visual differences were addressed, but framerate tests in the open world showed the dips across both versions and at different points. Our initial sense was that the Switch version was more consistent in holding its target of 30fps, but ultimately both titles have moments where they dip and struggle.

Those problems could be linked to CPU bottlenecks and challenges, so this time the GPU (graphical processing) is the focus on DF's testing. This time around the results point to a clearer advantage for Nintendo's newer machine (which should be the case, of course).

Ultimately, though, the Wii U version is offering a thoroughly playable version of an extraordinary game, even if there are specific problem areas as shown in the video above.

Let us know which version of the game you have and what you think so far.