Fast RMX

FAST RMX is definitely one of the best looking games in the Nintendo Switch's launch line-up. The talented team at Shin'en Multimedia have pushed the Switch to its limits to make the game run at a silky smooth 1080p / 60FPS when docked in TV mode.

However, some visual aficionados may find the game visuals to be slightly less clear then expected for such a high resolution. It turns out this is due to the 'Chromatic Aberration' setting which is enabled by default in the game options and gives the game a slightly softer, more blurred appearance. Turning this off gives you a much crisper, noticeably nicer (at least in our opinion) image on screen.

Also if you find the lighting in game is making it difficult to see or focus on the track, try disabling the Dynamic Camera Exposure option and the lighting and bloom effects of the harsh sun on some tracks won't be quite as fierce.

We quizzed Shin'en about this option and they said in play-testing the game with various people the softer picture option was preferred by most, so that's why the Chromatic Aberration effect is enabled by default.

It's all subjective at the end of the day, but know you know about these options which setup do you prefer?

Do you have 'Chromatic Aberration' enabled or disabled in FAST RMX?
Do you have Dynamic Camera Exposure enabled or disabled in FAST RMX?

And yes, we're working on a review as 'FAST' as possible.