Here's another anniversary to make you feel older - the much-loved Nintendo 64 is celebrating its 20th birthday today in Europe and Australia.

Released in June 1996 in Japan and September 1996 in North America, eager Euro gamers would have to exercise patience once again as the N64 launched on 1st March, 1997 in Europe. Here's an interesting report from the BBC at the time which sums up the jubilant mood of videogame fans, and also foreshadows Sega's exit from the console wars:

The N64 still holds a fond place in the hearts of gamers all over the world. It had a terrific library of games and popularised analogue controls. Be sure to check out our Nintendo 64 hardware classics feature for more thoughts on this cartridge-based beauty.

Did you own a N64 back in the days? Feel free to reminisce about those halcyon days with a comment below.