Switch dock.png

The Nintendo Switch, by virtue of its hybrid and portable nature, is already arguably the most convenient and flexible home gaming system on the market. Nevertheless, in this era of houses with TVs in multiple rooms, the temptation exists to have multiple Switch docks in different rooms, allowing for easy plug-and-play on different TVs.

Nintendo has promised these will be available to buy, but up to now they've been elusive. Nintendo of America seems first out of the gate, though - its official store is now selling an individual dock for $59.99.

We've looked around a little and at the time of writing this seems to be the only store selling them. We suspect it's only a matter of time (and manufacturing) before these docks become more widely available.

Are any of you tempted to pick up an extra dock for some extra Nintendo Switch flexibility?

With thanks to Joe Corbett for the heads up.

[source store.nintendo.com]