Dock and go

Nintendo's new console is off to a flying start; according to SuperData the Switch has sold 1.5 million units worldwide in its first week.

The figure is an estimate based on sales data supplied from different respected sources, such as GfK (one of the leading market research companies) and Famitsu (a leading Japanese magazine).

Unsurprisingly the US has seen the biggest sales, with 500,000 consoles sold, followed by Japan with 360,000. 85,000 units were sold in the UK along with 110,000 in France. Data for Europe as a whole is still being gathered with the company noting that the console "isn't far behind" when referring to other continents.

It's good news for Zelda too, as Link's latest adventure The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has amassed 1.34 million sales (not taking into account Wii U sales) equating to 89 percent of Switch owners picking up a copy.

Nintendo set itself a sales target of 2 million consoles before the end of the financial year. With these numbers it's likely it will make its target, though it's how the system will perform throughout the rest of the year which is most crucial. It's also worth noting that these figures represent the first week of sale to the public, so the number will have definitely increased in the meantime.

Does this put Nintendo in good standing for the rest of the year? Leave us a comment to share your feelings.