As eager European Nintendo Switch owners know, the region has been joining Japan in receiving the 'ACA' Neo Geo titles on the eShop. These are 'faithful reproductions' that include some extra features that vary per title - the next up, out on 9th March in Europe, is NAM-1975.

Similar to the early listings of the launch offerings, this has popped up in the 'coming soon' section of the eShop. This game offers up an old-school gallery shooting experience that we quite enjoyed on the Wii Virtual Console 'back in the day'; this ACA edition includes 'various game settings' including multiple difficulties, multiple 'arcade' display settings and online leaderboards for comparing scores with others.

Let us know if any of you in Europe are planning to pick this up, or if you're in North America and are simply a bit annoyed that these 'ACA' Neo Geo titles are yet to arrive on the region's store. Or, of course, you could do some cheeky multi-region Nintendo Account shenanigans.