Neo Geo Switch.jpg
Image: HAMSTER Corporation

The ACA Neo Geo range has been available for around a week on Nintendo Switch in Europe and Japan, with six titles also arriving in this week's update in North America. This 'Arcade Archive' range has also been available on other current consoles, but publisher HAMSTER Corporation has been aware of some issues with the Switch versions.

There are two core problems related to the image brightness and colouring to give a rather washed out display, while out of sync sound is also notable. In Metal Slug 3, for example, there's a very clear delay from firing the gun to the sound coming through. These issues aren't ideal of course, though based on a quick bash in Metal Slug 3 this writer doesn't feel it's unplayable in any sense, but the performance could certainly be optimised.

HAMSTER Corporation has addressed this, however, with tweets this week (albeit in slightly rough English) promising updates soon.

We'll keep an eye out for the updates going live - these ACA releases come with some nice extra features in menus, online leaderboards etc, so hopefully the pending updates will help resolve some issues with the emulation.

Let us know whether you've taken the plunge yet with any of these Neo Geo releases on Switch.