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For those still picking up their daily bonus in Fire Emblem Heroes, you may have noticed a few more gifts than normal from simply signing into your account; This is because Nintendo of Japan has been running a special Fire Emblem Heroes quiz over on Twitter.

After fans successfully answered 5 questions regarding the series, players around the globe will receive 10 Orbs and 5000 Hero Feathers.

The campaign is still continuing moving onto hard difficulty with the latest question being:

Question 6 (Hard): Who can use Nóatún?

  • Alphonse
  • Sharena
  • Veronica
  • Anna

You can place you vote here.

Lunatic Challenge Special Quests have also been added that are designed to test your ability to think strategically. Running from 23rd March until 7th April the newest challenges are not for the faint hearted, even mocking low level fighters with text reading "Do you find yourself craving special quests beginners couldn't even touch?"

Will you be taking on these Lunatic Challenges? Are you still logging into FE Heroes? Leave us a comment.