Just three?!
Image: Damien McFerran / Nintendo Life

After the rather dismal third party showing on the Wii U Nintendo knows that it has to work harder to entice the development community with the Switch, but if a survey taken just before this year's GDC is to be believed, the Japanese company has a long way to go yet.

4,500 developers were asked which platforms they were currently producing content for and the Switch came out with just 3 percent of the total vote. In contrast, the PS4 (and, by extension, PS4 Pro) had 27 percent and the Xbox One (and its forthcoming sibling, Scorpio) received 22 percent. PC/Mac got 53 percent, while smartphones and tablets were in second with 38 percent.


That paints quite a bleak picture for Nintendo; you could argue that the Switch is still new and therefore won't have been on the radar of many developers prior to GDC 2017, but even so, one would have hoped that more than 3 percent of those polled would have been working on games for it.

However, the system is off to a good start and we imagine that if the same survey is run before GDC 2018 the Switch will account for a lot more than 3 percent of the vote. Let us know your thoughts on this survey by polling your own vote in the comments section below.

Thanks to SLIGEACH_EIRE for the tip.

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