Radiant Historia

Relatively late in the life of the Nintendo DS, Atlus released a fascinating RPG called Radiant Historia which was quite well received. Borrowing heavily from Chrono Trigger, Radiant Historia similarly revolved around time travel, with the main draw being that you could travel along the timeline and cause different effects which resulted in multiple separate endings. Unfortunately, due to its release being close to the start of the 3DS' life, the game was largely passed over and didn't get the attention it may have deserved.

It seems that Atlus hasn't forgotten about Radiant Historia, however, as a mysterious new teaser site has recently popped up which seems to indicate there'll be another one coming soon. For one thing, the URL outright contains the words "Radiant Historia", and the page contains this message:

In the near future, a history once told will unfold again. And an unknown path will come to be known.

The ambiguous message could be pointing to a sequel to the DS classic or perhaps some sort of enhanced rerelease. No other information is present—such as what platforms it'll be coming to—but a note below the message mentions that more will be revealed in the edition of Famitsu that comes out on 23rd March.

What do you think? What does Atlus have planned? What did you think of Radiant Historia? Drop us a comment in the section below.

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