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When the Switch was first revealed several (older) members of the Nintendo Life team expressed the opinion that it would be utterly perfect for hosting old-school vertically-scrolling shooters when played in "TATE" mode - basically, when turned on its side so the screen is in portrait ordination rather than landscape.

It would seem that the chaps at Hamster feel the same way, as they've included an option in their ACA Neo Geo range to change the orientation of the display, as spotted by Ars Technica.

While none of the games released in the range actually use vertical orientation (and, to be honest, we can't think of a single Neo Geo game which used this screen orientation either), it does at least show that developers are already thinking ahead for possible TATE-mode titles. Hamster's ACA Neo Geo range is part of a wider series of coin-op classics, so there's a chance that we could see the likes of Terra Cresta and Star Force coming to the console in the future.

What other vertically-oriented arcade titles would you like to see on Switch? Let us know by posting something in the comments below.

Thanks to SLIGEACH_EIRE for the tip!