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Some of you may know Isaiah TriForce Johnson for his work in eSports with Empire Arcadia, but there's a good chance that many of you know him as the man that is traditionally first in line for the New York launches of Nintendo consoles. He was first with Wii U, 3DS and more, though previously confirmed he wouldn't do it again.

In a rather neat collaboration TriForce is teaming up with CND, better known as Captain Nintendo Dude, and has started queuing at the Nintendo NY store one month early. It's a passing of the torch, as the younger man will be first this time around, with TriForce helping him through the next month.

In what could be an interesting set of videos, the two are planning to upload daily - or near enough - updates on their month at the front of the queue - both the CND and Empire Arcadia channels will be involved.

It is certainly a familiar part of Nintendo console launch tradition, with CND evidently taking over the key role - whether he'll also inherit the Power Glove is yet to be seen.

We wish them both the best of luck in the coming month of queing.