Before Street Fighter II arrived on the scene, Final Fight was the best option for arcade-going brawl fans. Capcom's seminal coin-op smash took the template laid down by classics like Double Dragon and Renegade and introduced bigger sprites, a more intuitive control scheme and - perhaps most importantly - a moustached wrestling mayor named Mike Haggar.

The fact that Nintendo secured the first console port of the game was a real coup back in the 16-bit wars, and Sega fans would have to wait until the Mega CD was released before they got a conversion. Final Fight was followed by two SNES sequels, a NES spin-off, a GBA port, a terrible 3D fighter on the Saturn and an equally forgettable reboot on the PlayStation 2, but has remained one of the firm's most beloved classics.

If this is all news to you then you might want to check out the video above from Slope's Game Room, with Game Dave as a guest star. It covers the entire history of Capcom's side-scrolling punch-fest, and by the end you'll be such a mine of information that the next time you're at a dinner party and someone asks why the Mega CD port is superior to the SNES version, you'll be able to explain with confidence.

(What do you mean, people don't ask those kind of questions at dinner parties? You're clearly attending the wrong ones.)