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The Nintendo Switch is a vital launch for the company, as it seeks to move on from Wii U while also keeping the 3DS active. Following the formal presentation earlier this month plenty have shared their views on it, positive and otherwise, and pre-orders also went live.

As we reported not long after listings went live, pre-order stock was short-lived. The system became hard to find rather quickly in the US, for example, while units took a little longer to sell-out in the UK; demand in Japan prompted official sites to go down.

A little extra context has come now from Sweden, with retailer Webhallen catching some attention for its recent update on pre-orders in the country. The company say it's gone through its full March allocation but is taking pre-orders for subsequent deliveries, before stating that its Switch pre-orders to date exceed those it had for the PS4 back in 2013. Nintendo Life reader Daniel Glenberg has kindly provided a translation from his native language.

Nintendo - The Comeback Kid!

It's still January but 2017 seems to be Nintendo's year. We have already received more pre-orders for the Nintendo Switch than the PlayStation 4, and it's still going strong! The first batch to release in March is already fully booked, but we recommend you sign up for the next shipment for the highly wanted gaming console to ensure to get one in the next coming days and weeks after it's release.

Of course, it's only one retailer and it's all relative; the key for Nintendo, no doubt, will be to ensure strong momentum beyond the day one sell-outs. To do that Nintendo will certainly need to keep the buzz high and, most importantly, provide regular and substantial refills of stock for retailers.

Are you optimistic about sales success for the Nintendo Switch?

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