UPDATE: Vooks editor Daniel Vuckovic has admitted that the images were fakes - we blame hangovers from Christmas dinners on this one, folks.

ORIGINAL STORY: In one of our previous articles, we went over a couple of Switch game listings that were published (and then hastily taken down) on the EB Games Australia's website.

Upon closer inspection of the screengrab, it seems that additions to what is potentially known as 'Mario Kart Switch' will be rather extensive, based on the box-art.


The new features seemingly include battle mode making its grand return (after its somewhat flawed iteration in the original Mario Kart 8), 24 more tracks (that's 6 new cups), and 10 new characters.

While we expect that one of the first new characters is going to be King Boo (based off of the Switch's reveal trailer), we've got no idea what the other new characters and tracks are going to be. Hopefully we'll hear more on January 12th.


What do you think of battle mode potentially making its return? Do you think that Smash Bros. could be receiving the same extensive treatment? Let us now in the comments.