CES highlighted quite a few interesting products for retro and current-gen gaming fans, and Hyperkin has now issued a press release and assets for the goodies it showcased at the event.

Perhaps the key reveal for keen retro followers of the company is its 3-in-1 adapter for the RetroN 5, a rather solid clone console that can play an impressive variety of carts and game types. This add-on is used with the Mega Drive / Genesis slot to add support for Game Gear, Master System and even the less familiar Master System Card.


Hyperkin is also getting on the Switch accessories bandwagon, with a mix of cases and chargers utilising USB-C. The car charger is sure to be useful for eager gamers on a road trip...

Hyperkin Switch.png
Hyperkind Switch2.png

All are set for a 'Q1' release, and we'll keep an eye out for pricing information.