Qbby amiibo

A side project from HAL Laboratory, of Kirby fame, the BOXBOY! games have been a nice puzzle-platforming addition to the 3DS eShop, offering a diverse array of thought provoking levels. So far, we've gotten BOXBOY! and its follow up, BOXBOXBOY!, and now it's been announced that HAL will be going for the BOXBOY! hat trick.

A teaser site for Goodbye! BOXBOY! has just been revealed, and it comes out in Japan on 2nd February. Alongside this, a physical edition is in the works that will have all three games, a new Qbby amiibo that unlocks secrets, and an official soundtrack. While there's no Western announcement to be made yet, it's a safe bet that we'll probably be seeing this sometime next year; perhaps an announcement will come in the next Nintendo Direct. Here's a brief teaser, showing off the more colourful environments and new puzzle types:

What do you think? When will this come West? How did you like the first two games? Drop us a comment in the section below.

[source nintendoeverything.com]