It's in the stars

Late last year it was rumoured that the Nintendo Switch was going to get an upgraded version of Pokémon Sun and Moon called Pokémon Stars - and now retailer GameSpot has given a subtle indication that this could well be happening.

On GameStop's site there's a product description for the Nintendo Switch which appears to have gone live prematurely. It mentions Zelda, Splatoon and Mario, as well as (you've guessed it) Pokémon.

Do you think this could be an indication that Pokémon Stars (if that is indeed its real name) will be announced on Friday, or could this just be a GameStop employee speculating on what Nintendo franchises will appear on the console in the near future? After all, Pokémon Company president Tsunekazu Ishihara has already stated that his company will be making games for the new system, so it's a fair prediction to make.

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