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We're just days away from what will presumably be a substantial set of reveals and details on the Nintendo Switch, yet retailers continue to struggle to hold their nerve. Last year we reported on GAME opening pre-orders in the UK with a bonker's placeholder price of £999.99. Some have now been picking up on GameStop listings but we suggest not worrying about their prices; they're evidently sloppy placeholders from some of the retailer's regional subsidiaries.

Reader Nazareno kindly point us to this GameStop Italy page, which is taking Switch pre-orders at €399.98, which is just about feasible enough to be worrying - if you're in the camp that thinks that's too big a price. Like with the aforementioned GAME example, however, it's purely a placeholder, with translated text near the bottom of the page making that clear. It states that a release date is still to come, and if the price turns out to be lower pre-orders will be refunded the difference.

It's not the only regional GameStop that's gone off the deep end. GameStop Germany also has an actual pre-order page, but its price is a random €777.77, while a search on GameStop Ireland returns results (showing at €499.99), but the product page is actually a dead link. Intriguingly, the 'main' GameStop site for the US is still showing an information page where users can sign up for more details in the future; that's a more sensible approach.

A lot of retailers, to be fair, have been holding steady, many with information pages where users can sign up for notifications. Some, however, simply can't hold fire.

Ultimately it's not worth taking these pre-order pages too seriously; they don't even state what you get with your purchase, precisely, as they aren't yet displaying bundle or SKU details. Though it may be tempting to get a pre-order down, paying over-the-odds ahead of time in the hope that the price will then be lowered to a fair number is risky, to put it mildly.

In any case, all should become clearer on 12th/13th January.

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