FAST Racing NEO was easily one of the best indie titles on the Wii U; in our review we referred to it as one of the few titles that is " to stand to-to-toe with Nintendo's first-party offerings." Unfortunately it didn't get the level of attention it deserved due to being released on a console with such a narrow install base. Thankfully, Shin'en is preparing an updated version of the delightful racer, titled FAST RMX. We played the game in New York last week and came away rather impressed.

FAST RMX is essentially an enhanced port of the Wii U game, featuring all of the vehicles and 16 tracks available in FAST Racing Neo, with some added content on top. The developer's stated that we can expect a total of 30 tracks in the finished game, though only three tracks from the original Wii U version were available in the demo version we played.

FAST multi.jpg

If you haven't played a FAST game before, they're very much like the F-Zero series blended with WipEout; you're in a futuristic vehicle traveling at hyper-fast speeds along an out-of-this-world track. The environments on offer are all gorgeous and feature jumps and hairpin turns aplenty. The build we tried out featured local splitscreen co-op as well as single player races; in both modes we noticed FAST RMX ran at a smooth 60 frames per second, which is an improvement over the Wii U version that slowed down noticeably in two-player splitscreen mode.

The first few races we played were on the Switch Pro controller, which works extremely well for this game. The Pro Controller's A button handles acceleration, while the ZL and ZR buttons handle leaning your vehicle into turns either left or right respectively; the X button is used for shifting your booster's colour from orange to blue and back, in order to match the colour of boost and jump pads on the track.

The port we played seemed as though it was quite polished, despite only have three tracks available. Nintendo's own infographics suggest it's due early in the system's life, so it's likely that a much greater number of tracks are already complete; from what we've seen in the past, we're optimistic. (Footage below via IGN)

When FAST RMX releases, it promises four-player local splitscreen and eight-player online play, just like FAST Racing NEO before it on the Wii U. With almost double the amount of tracks available and likely improved performance on the Switch, we can't wait to see more.