Last year Dark Horse teamed up with Nintendo to announce The Legend of Zelda: Art & Artifacts, a handsome hardcover book in the same vein as the gorgeous Hyrule Historia. It's now unveiled the Limited Edition, which looks lovely.

Art & Artifacts.png

It addition to gilt-edged pages, this edition includes a sleeve that unsheathes a Master Sword, so to speak.

Fans who purchase The Legend of Zelda: Art & Artifacts limited edition will experience the thrill of finding and unsheathing the Master Sword! The cover features a 3D embossed sword hilt sculpt with a metallic foil finish. The sword hilt is life size to give the reader the satisfaction of unsheathing the very realistic sword from the acetate sleeve that encases the book. The cover's background features the Lost Woods (a maze of mystifying forests that has appeared throughout the franchise) in a custom-mixed deep purple ink with a soft-touch lamination and spot-gloss UV, framed with metallic foil. The book's pages are gilded as well.

Both the regular and limited editions of The Legend of Zelda: Art & Artifacts have over 400 pages of fully realized artistic masterpieces, exclusive interviews with the artists behind the beloved video game franchise, the official pixel art of the early series, and rare promotional art never before published in this format.

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It looks rather impressive though the core content is the same as the standard edition. It's an extra $40 (based on the recommended price, though some are offering the standard edition for less) for the limited edition with a price of $79.99, so it's a tough call on whether the extra presentation is worth that much. A video from IGN does take a closer look, which may help with the decision.

Are any of you planning to pick up this book when it arrives? It's due in North America on 21st February and Europe on 23rd February.

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