Wiggle it, just a little bit

The recent release of Super Mario Run on iOS has triggered quite a debate regarding how much people expect to pay for handheld video games. While the title is free to download, unlocking the entire game requires the kind of investment that mobile players perhaps aren't used to paying, and that has led to a rather poor conversion rate.

Regardless of your opinion on this matter, 3DS gamers appear to be more level-headed when it comes to paying a premium for quality, and Jools Watsham has now confirmed that his forthcoming game Chicken Wiggle will cost $10 when it launches on Nintendo's handheld.

On a related subject, Watsham has begun a series of video blogs in which he talks about his current projects and the games he's playing right now. Part one is below, and is well worth a watch.

Let us know if you'll be happy to hand over $10 for Chicken Wiggle when it eventually reaches the eShop by posting a comment below.

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