Get a grip

Just when you thought the cost of owning a Switch couldn't get any higher, allow us to bring to your attention the fact that the Joy-Con grip that ships with the console doesn't actually charge your Joy-Cons when they're attached - you'll need to invest in a more advanced grip, which costs £27.99 in the UK.

The grip which is bundled with the machine is simply a piece of plastic into which the two controllers slot. The premium model is made from a different plastic and has a USB port allowing you to charge the Joy-Cons. There are a set of lights on the underside which show how much charge they have left.

If you don't have the premium grip and want to charge your Joy-Cons "out of the box", you'll have to have them connected to the Switch itself while it's docked. This means that potentially when you first get your Switch console, playing on the TV won't be an option as you'll have to dock the Switch (with Joy-Cons attached) to charge them fully. On the positive side, each Joy-Con has a 20 hour battery life so you shouldn't need to top them up a lot. It takes around 3 hours to charge a Joy-Con fully, according to Nintendo's Japanese site.

Were you aware of the fact that there are two different kinds of Joy-Con grip? Will you be investing in the premium grip or sticking with the basic one? As ever, let us know with a comment.

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