Indie studio Bplus has revealed that it is releasing three games for the Nintendo Switch this year, its tenth as an approved Nintendo developer.

Bit Boy!! Arcade Deluxe, Puzzle Box and Tank It! are all scheduled for release during 2017. Bit Boy!! is arguably the flagship title of the series, while Puzzle Box appears to be based on a PC release from last year.

Tank It! is something of a departure for the dev; it boasts realistic visuals and a powerful "anti-war" message. Bplus had previously confirmed the game for Nintendo NX, along with the following details:

Tank it! is a realistic and bloody war simulation game designed to show how brutal and dangerous war really is… that it is no good...that countless civilians are killed as collateral damage. In Tank it! you command a drone to remotely control a heavy tank. You receive the mission to travel to remote villages, find and destroy the target military camps and eliminate all terrorists. But as in real life, there are many civilians in the villages, as well. The terrorists and civilians alike are at the player's mercy. It is up to the player alone to decide how to handle this mission.

Here's what Bplus founder Bernd Geiblinger had to say about Tank It!:

I for one do not enjoy playing brutal, bloody games, so for me it is painful to create death animations and blood. I did everything else before I did this kind of work - but I am doing it for the message. This is also why Tank it! will be available for a very low value - For me it is much more important to spread the message of the game than to earn a great deal of revenue.

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