Super Mario Run is now available on iOS, and while its launch hasn't been without some issues, it appears to have been a considerable commercial success for Nintendo, with 40 million downloads in four days.

While Mario is indeed a world-famous character, it's fair to assume that some iPhone and iPad owners might not have experienced one of his games before, especially younger players who don't have access to a Wii U or 3DS. With that in mind, Nintendo has produced this polished promotional video which tries to sum up Mario's history, talents and overall appeal, as well as showing off some of the skills he possesses in Super Mario Run.

It's a well-produced effort which does a good job of pointing out that there's so much more to Nintendo's mascot than a new iOS game, and could potentially encourage buyers to check out his other adventures, if they weren't aware of them already. This ties in with Nintendo's previously-stated strategy of using mobile to push players towards their own platforms.

Let us know what you think of the video by posting a comment below. Do you think it hits the mark or is a bit pointless, given Mario's level of mega stardom?