Since publication Sarah Blandy has updated the relevant line in her credits to now simply read 'Cup of Tea Productions - NDA', removing the mention of Nintendo. We've amended the article to reflect this.

Original Article:

The last we heard of the Fire Emblem mobile game was a statement from Nintendo that said it was going for "accessible yet engaging gameplay", with a 2017 release.

Today, we may - or may not - been given pointers regarding a few characters that might be appearing in the title.

Sarah Blandy lent her voice to three roles in Fire Emblem Fates, portraying characters Kagero, Layla, and Midori.

Recently on the 'credits' section of Blandy's website, fans noticed an NDA project that was tagged under 'Nintendo and Cup of Tea Productions'. The location was in Burbank, CA which is an area that was shared by the voice talent studio where Fire Emblem Fates was also recorded. Notably Cup of Tea productions affiliates itself with Fire Emblem: Awakening's voice production, so the connection to the Fire Emblem series has prompted some conversations online.

As highlighted above, the entry has now removed the Nintendo reference, which may have been a reaction to it being included in error. Cup of Tea Productions has also worked on some other notable franchises, which is worth noting.

[source sarahblandy.com]