Playtonic's highly anticipated collectathon, Yooka-Laylee, is expected to launch sometime early next year, though the exact time has not been specified. Considering that we're rapidly closing in on the launch window, one would expect a release date to be forthcoming, but it seems that a few online storefronts may have accidentally let it slip.

The Xbox Live Store has the game listed for a 10th April release, and a Brazilian retailer has the physical editions listed for a 7th April release. Naturally, nothing's confirmed until Playtonic actually comes out and makes a formal announcement, but these dates would certainly line up with the time that this game is being expected. On a slightly more concerning note, the Brazilian retailer only has listings for the PS4 and Xbox One physical versions, with no Wii U box in sight. It's likely this is just an error on behalf of the retailer, but it could also indicate that the game's physical release may have been axed for Nintendo's ailing system.

What do you think? Will the game come out in April? Do you think that a physical edition will still come to Wii U? Drop us a comment in the section below.

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