In a move which isn't necessarily surprising, it has now been confirmed that the much anticipated Yooka-Laylee will not longer be getting a Wii U release. In a recent blog post on the Playtonic Games site, the reasoning for this is explained.

The Playtonic team is sad to confirm that despite our best efforts and exploring every possible avenue, we've encountered unforeseen technical issues that unfortunately mean it will be impossible for us to release the game on Wii U as initially planned.

We can however confirm the exciting news that we are now working very closely with Nintendo to look to bring Yooka-Laylee to the upcoming Nintendo Switch. We're looking forward to exploring the opportunity and will have more details to share early next year.

We'd like to apologise to those affected by this development and offer all Wii U backers the opportunity to move their pledge free-of-charge to any of the versions launching on April 11th (PS4, Xbox One, PC, Mac or Linux) or upgrade to the Nintendo Switch version when we announce further details in 2017.

As much as we hate to say it, we can understand where the talented folk at Playtonic are coming from here. Why struggle and commit development resources to overcome technical issues on the Wii U release, when the Switch is out just ahead of the targeted release date of 11th April?

Are you saddened that Yooka-Laylee will no longer be getting a Wii U release? Be sure to share your thoughts with a comment below.

[source playtonicgames.com]