Image: Nintendo

Earlier today, Laura Kate Dale of Let's Play Video Games released a cache of info on Nintendo's recent plans, including the soon-to-be fully revealed Nintendo Switch.

Among the info was a particularly interesting bit about the future of the Star Fox franchise; apparently Koei Tecmo approached Nintendo earlier this year about making a new Warriors series in a similar vein to the critically acclaimed Hyrule Warriors, but based in the Star Fox universe. Fellow reporter / researcher Liam Robertson has also said that the pitch did happen.

The proposed game would have been mainly based around melee combat, with some space dogfighting sections and a simplified combat system. The space fights were said to have focused on being visually impressive, but unfortunately no screenshots or footage exist of the game as it was rejected by Nintendo during the planning stages.

It's unknown whether the game was destined for the Wii U or the Nintendo Switch, however as it was apparently pitched earlier this year our money is on the latter. The last time the Star Fox crew took to ground combat was in 2005's Star Fox: Assault, which is not exactly remembered fondly among all fans.

While we would love to see a Star Fox title on the Switch, Nintendo was arguably right to veto this idea; that's the impression of a brief straw poll among a few of the Nintendo Life team, in any case. Let us know whether you'd have like to see this concept down in the comments.

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