Dark Souls 3.jpg

Back when Nintendo unveiled a massive list of 'partners' for the Nintendo Switch, there were a few intriguing stand-outs. One that got some pulses racing was From Software - it's behind the brilliant Sony exclusive Bloodborne (which has as much chance of coming to Switch as Bayonetta 2 does of arriving on PS4) but is best known for its Souls games. The Dark Souls titles in particular have established a sizeable and extremely loyal audience, with the third entry in the trilogy currently working through its DLC - one add-on was released not long ago, with a second due in 2017.

The Souls games always seemed the most likely potential treat on Switch, then, and well-known reporter Laura Kate Dale has added some fuel to those logical flames; she cites a source to state that work has taken place to port Dark Souls 3 to Switch. Progress is apparently going well, with the sensible potential outcome of the Switch getting the inevitable 'Game of the Year' / 'Ultimate' edition with all DLC, which will surely come to PS4 and Xbox One in 2017. She also suggests that there's talk of potentially bringing the trilogy and all DLC to Switch; all of it rests, predictably, on whether Switch sales show that releases like these can make financial sense.

It'll be interesting to see how many of the touted partners come through for Switch; the Wii U had a list of backers that didn't quite deliver on the initial promise - companies typically wait to see early sales numbers, especially with Nintendo hardware.

In any case, we've been fantasizing about Dark Souls on the go since From Software was announced as a third-party for the Switch. We're not betting on it yet, though.