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The Game Awards are done for another year, once again doing a solid job of showing and teasing major games, while throwing in some some unpredictable moments. For example in one performance rap duo Run the Jewels seemed to utter the line "I will punch a baby bear", which is a novel way to get some free press from a PETA outrage. Aside from that there were tears, a brilliantly bemused Ubisoft executive asking the backstage host why she was "yelling" and more besides - to be fair to the host in the Ubisoft 'red room', her response of "I'm paid to be enthusiastic" was a brilliant comeback.

From a Nintendo perspective there were two key moments, both related to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. First of all there was a new trailer during the pre-show - check it out below if you need a reminder.

Then, later in the show Reggie Fils-Aime introduced a longer video in which we got an extended look at a new area; it was the Wii U version being played, no Switch in sight.

Now that some hours have passed and everyone's had a chance to catch up, we're curious to know what you think of the new footage. It was a big night for Breath of the Wild - it also won the Most Anticipated Game gong - and it was a chance for Nintendo to stake a claim for the hottest prospective release of 2017. Did the big N succeed in building the hype?

Let us know your thoughts in the polls and comments below, and by all means also share your theories on what we saw. Was that Zelda at the end, who was the character in a blue outfit with long blond hair, what other story clues can be found? Have at it!

What do you think of the new Breath of the Wild trailer?
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How hyped are you about Breath of the Wild right now?
Right now, which version of Breath of the Wild do you think you'll buy?