Nintendo Switch

About a week ago, rumours emerged that the upcoming Nintendo Switch will be utilizing the Tegra X1 chipset, and this raised a lot of debate over whether or not the console would be competitive with the PS4 and Xbox One. Naturally, it's only he said, she said at this point, and all will be revealed when the system receives its full briefing in January, but a recent report from Michael Pachter seems to be run contrary to these rumours.

The outspoken analyst is infamous for many of his opinions, particularly in relation to Nintendo, but in his most recent episode of Pachter Factor, he had this to say on the Switch:

I've actually heard from developers that Nintendo [Switch] is the easiest of the Big Three to develop for.

Afterwards, he goes on to reasonably explain that the Switch will ultimately have to be at least a viable platform to port games to; if its architecture and hardware are too different from the other consoles, it likely won't make business sense to waste money porting a game to it. While there's certainly no way to substantiate who Pachter talked to about this, it's still nice to hear positive noises from some developers about making games for the platform. The full unveiling is due in only a few weeks, and by that point it should be quite clear where the Switch sits in this conversation on power.

What do you think? Will the Switch be considerably weaker than the PS4 and Xbox One? Do you think it'll secure firm third party support? Drop us a comment in the section below.