Nintendo has a number of decent official Facebook pages, and now it appears to be kicking into gear with its page for The Legend of Zelda.

The latest post states that we can look forward to new screens for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, showcasing Hyrule and its varied locations up to the game's launch; it doesn't promise daily images, like those heady days with Super Smash Bros. on Miiverse, but it'll be worth keeping an eye out.

Today's image shows Link gazing over a rather nice Autumnal / Fall scene. Some naturally wonder whether we'll see the passing of seasons in the upcoming release; it's possible, or Breath of the Wild may follow the trend of previous titles in simply having different areas of the world being representative various seasons.

Zelda screenshot.jpg

In any case we're keen to see more of Breath of the Wild, which is setup to be one of 2017's biggest releases.