Nintendo Switch

Earlier this week, reports emerged suggesting the kind of architecture that would be utilized with Nintendo Switch, while also mentioning that there would be a sizable difference between its performance in its docked and undocked modes. Many were no doubt concerned to hear this, and while these reports certainly haven't been confirmed yet, some new code in the newest version of Unreal Engine 4 seems to back up the claims.

A developer on NeoGAF made the discovery, here's what was found:

[Switch DeviceProfile]
[SwitchConsole DeviceProfile]
[SwitchHandheld DeviceProfile]

So what does this all mean? For one thing the "SwitchConsole" settings—presumably referring to the docked mode—run a notch lower than the defaults for PS4, Xbox One, and PC, and are presumably included as a starting point for developers looking to port games from those platforms. Beyond that, the "SwitchHandheld" settings scale screen percentage down to 66 percent—which lines up with the talk of the docked mode being 1080p while the undocked mode is 720p—while scaling down graphical settings as well. On a slightly separate note, this also revealed that the Switch will utilize the complete Unreal Engine 4 deferred renderer path, as opposed to its dumbed-down mobile variant. In sum, this seems to back up the reports of the handheld mode not being as powerful as docked mode, but it seems that the software suitably compensates for this in order to maintain a mostly similar experience.

What do you think? Are you concerned about the Switch's capabilities? Do you think it'll be easier to develop for than Wii U? Share your thoughts in the comments below.