Hungarian studio Moragami has announced that it is bringing a new kind of toys-to-life experience to the Nintendo 3DS eShop.

Inchvilles - so-called because the toys are an inch tall - is a 3D action platformer in which you must use your wits to collect all of the golden gems in each stage. The unique element of this project is that players can design their in-game characters using a special editor and order a 3D-printed version which is then delivered to their doorstep within 10 days.

These figures can be scanned into the game itself, but it doesn't appear to use NFC. Moragami is remaining tight-lipped on exactly how this process will work, but is keen to stress that the figures will be interactive and not merely physical representations of in-game characters and objects.

A PC prototype will be available shortly from the game's official site, and release details are expected in the near future. Inchvilles is coming to smartphones, PC and 3DS, but Moragami states that Nintendo Switch is also being considered.

The toys-to-life arena has taken something of a battering of late, with Disney Infinity getting canned and rumours that Skylanders could be headed the same way. Is now the right time to launch such an ambitious venture, or is it exactly what this sector of the market needs?

Let us know your thoughts by constructing a comment in your brain and then 3D printing it below.