Modern computers allow gamers to dig into video game data files to their heart's content, and this often throws up some interesting discoveries which perhaps should have remained hidden.

That certainly seems to have been the case with this latest Mario Kart 8 find. YouTube user Harm - who perhaps has a little too much time on his hands - decided to export the game's sound files on his PC and listen to them all individually. This rather unusual pastime has yielded a somewhat shocking secret: Mario Kart 8 has actual swearing in it.

Before you start reaching for your pitchforks and contacting your local member of Congress / Parliament (delete as appropriate), it's worth pointing out that it's impossible to hear this piece of bad language when playing the game normally on your Wii U. The audio clip which contains the single F-bomb has to be reversed and edited in order for the naughty word to be heard.

Here's Harm taking us through the process. Naturally, this clip has swearing in it - you've had ample warning up to now - so please don't listen if you're offended by rude words or are in an environment where others nearby might take offense.

As Harm says, it's highly likely that one of Nintendo's sound guys simply recorded some people talking in a crowded location and then reversed the audio and messed around with the speed to create the sound of Miis gossiping. This same sound engineer probably didn't even realise that the audio included swearing - or perhaps they did, and left the clip in thinking that no one would have the tenacity to actually sit through all of the sound files and play them in reverse. They clearly didn't bet on YouTubers like Harm.