Earlier today we shared a video for a Pokémon picture book, showing how the franchise can appeal to young children. As we said in that article, the strength of the franchise is its ability to attract a broad and diverse range of gamers; the latest trailer for Pokémon Sun and Moon demonstrates that point rather nicely.

It features Masahiro Tanaka, a pitcher for the MLB franchise New York Yankees. Due to the popularity of Baseball in Japan and Tanaka-san's place on the roster of such an iconic team, in addition to his outstanding years pitching for the Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles before that, he's no doubt hugely popular in his homeland.

It's a stylish trailer, in any case, and helps pitch the game (sorry) to plenty of fans.

The games are out this week in Japan and North America, with Europe waiting a little longer. We think they represent a high-point for the series, too, and dished out plenty of praise in our Pokémon Sun and Moon review.