Pokemon Picturebook New.png

The Pokémon series continues to deliver hugely impressive sales, boosted by the Summer success of Pokémon GO and likely to continue with Pokémon Sun and Moon on 3DS. The IP has faced plenty of challengers, with Yo-kai Watch being a notable recent example in Japan, particularly, yet it rarely slows down or loses momentum.

Its cause is helped by its extraordinarily wide appeal. On the one hand it attracts some 'older' gamers with fond memories of the early Game Boy releases, yet as a franchise it's just as recognisable to young children barely old enough to play games.

The Pokémon Company does well to target a broad audience in different ways, and another example is the 'Pokémon Love' picture book video below, posted on the company's Japanese YouTube channel. You may not understand all of the words but the story becomes clear (it is for young children, after all), and the illustrations show how Pokémon are easily adapted for this sort of content.

To further demonstrate the brand power, these storybook videos link to this cutesy website, which is naturally full of merchandise and promotional material for the series.

Few companies, arguably, promote their brands to a wide audience as successfully as The Pokémon Company. From the competitive battling scene right through to adorable storybooks, it seems Pokémon is everywhere.